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U.S. Joint Forces Command

JX Inbrief to
Deputy Chief of Staff

General Jack Sheehan Founded the JX

Staff Complaints Addressed by Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Is a Discipline

CINC’s Philosophy

Tracing the Roots of Knowledge Management in the Military

Problem: Stovepipe Barriers Among Directorates

Continual Support from the Top Needed

Keeping Focused on the Command Priorities

A Command Function Enabled by Technology

Cultural Transition in Progress

The JX Mission

What Does JX Do?

Slide 15

What is Knowledge?

Personal Responsibility for Knowledge

What is a Knowledge Based Organization (KBO)?

What is a KBO? (cont’d)

KBO Strategic Goals

Bottom line:

Revolution in Military Affairs

Command Vision

Slide 24

Our Strategic Value Chain:  Who’s Driving What?

The Inmates Are Running the Asylum

Corporate Portal Components


Enterprise Portals Not the Same as Knowledge Management


What is Autonomy Active Knowledge?

Product Features

ActiveKnowledge™ Screenshot

Senior Leader Questionnaire

How Can the DCoS Help?

Navigation/Content Repository Templates

Knowledge Portal

Raven Architecture

Layers of Portals and Portal Objects