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U.S. Joint Forces Command

JX Inbrief to
Deputy Chief of Staff
5 June 2000

General Jack Sheehan Founded the JX

Staff Complaints Addressed by Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Is a Discipline

CINC’s Philosophy

Tracing the Roots of Knowledge Management in the Military
Dec 95  Gen Sheehan commissions offsite study of knowledge management
Jun 96  JX established
Jul 96 KT Online
Jan 98 KBO Major Focus Area
July 99 CIO Magazine names Knowledge Today one of the 50 best intranets (for the 3rd consecutive year)
Oct 99 #1 IT Best Practice in the Federal Government by IAC

Problem: Stovepipe Barriers Among Directorates

Continual Support from the Top Needed

Keeping Focused on the Command Priorities

A Command Function Enabled by Technology

Cultural Transition in Progress

The JX Mission
Enable fast, informed decisions by USJFCOM staff
Increase awareness, effectiveness,and agility
Focus command attention and activity
Improve information flow throughout USJFCOM
Provide more accurate and timely information for better decisions
Focus on tools and methodologies
Raise the level of knowledge of USJFCOM Staff

What Does JX Do?
Designs/develops the KBO environment
Designs/develops strategic business processes
Improves information flow, focusing on the decision-making process
Implements KM tools/systems

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What is Knowledge?

Personal Responsibility for Knowledge

What is a Knowledge Based Organization (KBO)?
A system of people and devices that executes its functions utilizing the combined intelligence and problem solving capabilities of all staff members.
Committed to maximizing the abilities of its knowledge assets.
Ultimately interested in knowledge “use” rather than knowledge management.

What is a KBO? (cont’d)
Leaders create space and freedom in their organization for its members.
Emphasis is on innovation, learning, sharing and trust in order to empower individuals to do the right thing when the right information presents itself.
Individuals can quickly and easily find the knowledge/information they need to do their job.

KBO Strategic Goals
Goal 1.0 Strategy -USJFCOM uses KBO principles to focus the organization towards the future.
Goal 2.0 Processes  - USJFCOM transforms information into knowledge and knowledge into decisive action.
Goal 3.0 Organizational Culture - USJFCOM openly shares knowledge/information and empowers personnel.
Goal 4.0 Learning Organization  - USJFCOM understands its organizational values, goals and processes.
Goal 5.0 Collaboration - USJFCOM assimilates diverse ideas into creative processes that benefit the entire organization.

Bottom line:

Revolution in Military Affairs
“A Revolution in Military Affairs is a major change in the nature of warfare brought about by the innovative application of new technologies which, combined with dramatic changes in military doctrine and operational and organizational concepts fundamentally alters the character and conduct of military operations.”
Office of the Secretary of Defense,
Office of Net Assessment

Command Vision

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Our Strategic Value Chain:  Who’s Driving What?

The Inmates Are Running the Asylum
To be successful, you need to be a business-savvy technologist or a technology-savvy businessperson
Problem is:  Most businesspeople have abdicated control to technologists

Corporate Portal Components


Enterprise Portals Not the Same as Knowledge Management


What is Autonomy Active Knowledge?

Product Features

ActiveKnowledge™ Screenshot

Senior Leader Questionnaire

How Can the DCoS Help?
Become the champion for JX
Position JX to develop/facilitate strategic planning process.
Support JX efforts to re-engineer staff processes and align with command strategy.
Assist the CoS as KBO Champion
Apply the authority of the CoS to enable the JX to serve its CINC, SPG and staff customers.

Navigation/Content Repository Templates

Knowledge Portal

Raven Architecture

Layers of Portals and Portal Objects