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Raven is a key element of Lotus' overall knowledge management strategy, which includes services, methodologies and solutions from Lotus and IBM, all captured under the unifying theme of "People, Places & Things". Raven contains a portal, which organizes assets by community, interest, task or job focus; and a discovery engine, which categorizes content and organizational expertise into a browsable and searchable catalog.
Lotus recognizes that knowledge management goes far beyond mere technology. In this spirit, as a knowledge platform, Raven includes a written methodology on how to map technology to personal, team, cultural and organizational dynamics; and application templates that directly incorporate that methodology.

As a KM platform, Raven fully leverages the Domino messaging and groupware platform. Where messaging and groupware bring people together to collaborate and create content, Raven helps to identify the appropriate candidates for a team, creates specialized places that foster productive collaboration, and gathers the content relevant to the project at hand. Lotus captures these broad collaborative functions in the theme People, Places & Things. That is, Raven not only delivers the right information to the right people at the right time, but also creates the places where the right people can work together at the right time.