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Business reasons for buying knowledge management or enterprise portal technologies are IT-oriented because they focus on productivity and on sophisticated access, organization, and control of an enterprise's massive digitized information sources (often termed "infoglut"). Infoglut management is a growing concern for enterprises; through 2004, the most conservative estimates of growth in digitized data will outrun the most aggressive advances in technology to manage it. Therefore, keeping pace and avoiding productivity loss is critical for every enterprise. Knowledge management and enterprise portal implementations will help enterprises maintain productivity and close information management gaps.

However, the stronger reason for buying technology for knowledge management is business-oriented: to optimize interenterprise and extraenterprise collaboration (human processes for sharing, creating and applying knowledge); and to leverage knowledge and collaboration to improve business responsiveness, reuse and innovation. Knowledge management requires cultural and business advancements, and the technology for knowledge management must stimulate and augment knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation.